Treatment of Mastitis Based on Milk Culture vs Time Post-Calving

    Dr Mick Clews, veterinarian and lead researcher, discusses  the results of a study presented at the 30th World Buiatrics Congress in Sapporo, Japan in August/September 2018. The study was also presented at the 2018 National Mastitis Council International Bovine Mastitis Conference in Milan, Italy.

    This study investigated whether case by case diagnosis and treatment of mastitis using in-clinic culture was effective in New Zealand conditions. The video also includes independent commentary from farm owner Ross Shaw on what the results of this trial have meant for farm economics, and for on-farm management of mastitis.
    (Source – Treatment outcomes of clinical mastitis treated with penicillin or cloxacillin on either a case by case basis after milk culture or by prescription based on numbers of days post partum. M. Clews, A. Kenyon, K. Johnston, S. Oehley, H. Pike, K. Taylor, K.Wyatt, L. Durel. Proceedings of the 2018 International Bovine Mastitis Conference.)

    Lactating Antimicrobial Decision-Making on NZ Dairy Farms, and the thoughts of Dairy Farmers and Vets on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

    In this short video, Tim Cameron from Puremilk, VetEnt (Te Awamutu) presents the results of a survey he conducted with Winston Mason (VetEnt Research).
    The survey was undertaken to uncover the attitudes towards mastitis treatments and AMR that are held by NZ vets and dairy farmers.
    The results of the survey show that the threat of AMR is being taken seriously, and that vets are well placed to influence further change.  
    The survey has been submitted to the 31st World Buiatrics Congress in Madrid, Spain, and future publication in a peer reviewed journal is planned.   
    You can also click here to download a summary of the results.